Air Fin Cooler

Air Fin coolers are majorly used in refineries, chemicals, petrochemicals and fertilizers industries. These are manufactured in our two plants one which is in Mumbai , Maharashtra state and other in the city of Dharward, which is located in the state of Karnataka in South India.

Enginemates provides a complete packaged solutions for Air Fin Coolers / Fin Fan Coolers which includes,

  • Pre-Bid Support
  • Design and Engineering
  • Manufacturing
  • Erection & Commissioning
  • After Sales Services

We have the capacity and certification to manufacture Air Fin Coolers / Fin Fan Coolers which complies to API 661 code and with ‘U’ stamp & ‘R’ stamp certification.

Constructional Classification

Air Fin Cooler configurations

  • Forced draft
  • Induced draft
  • Natural draft with chimney
  • Vertical fan configuration (motor / engine driven)
  • F-Type configuration (Engine driven)

Type of Header Box

  • Plug Headers
  • Two Part Plug Headers
  • Cover Plate Headers
  • Manifold Headers
  • Welded D Headers

Drive arrangement For Fan

  • Direct driven
  • Belt driven
  • Engine driven
  • Gear driven

Finned Tubes

  • Embedded Fins (can be used up to 400 °C/750 °F)
  • L-Fins (can be used up to120 °C/250 °F)
  • LL-Fins(can be used up to200 °C/392 °F)
  • KL Fins (can be used up to250 °C/480 °F)
  • Bimetallic Extruded Fins (can be used up to288 °C/550 °F)
  • CS Welded Fins (Beyond 400 °C/750 °F)

Metallurgy for pressure parts

  • Carbon Steel with NACE + HIC
  • Low alloy T11
  • Stainless steel (304L/316L/321L)
  • Copper / Brass
  • Duplex steel
  • Special alloys (825/625)

Our Capabilities

  • Enginemates have complete in-house design and engineering team specialized in thermal and mechanical design
  • Enginemates has membership of HTRI (Heat Transfer Research Institute, USA) since 2006 and has experienced thermal design engineers.
  • Enginemates have In-House developed calculation software as per ASME and API 661 Standards
  • We are fully equipped with six fining machines with a total capacity of 6000mts/day.
  • We are approved by Engineers India Ltd (EIL) ,Oil and Natural Gas Commission (ONGC) and are registered with many EPC contractors.