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We at Enginemates Heat Transfer provide comprehensive and customised air cooled heat exchanger solutions . Our products range of radiators, oil coolers and fin fan coolers cater to applications such as diesel genset, railway, locomotive, heavy equipment, air compressor, oil refineries and LNG plants.We manufacture Air Cooled heat exchangers specific to customer requirements and satisfaction for over 3 decades. Read More

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Enginemates Heat Transfer offers finned-tube heat exchangers, air heaters, engine driven air coolers,compact oil cooling systems, rooftop radiators, quench oil cooling systems, High integrity radiators for genset applications. Enginemates supports customers with our heat transfer solutions in global markets for oil and gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, fertilisers and offshore applications.

Our heat transfer solution are comprehensive which normally includes a combination of
cooler and radiator assembly complete with axial fans and structures.


Cutting edge R&D

We have indigenously developed heat designs code to perfectly complement the heat transfer design. Our R&D facility in pondicherry is supported by the technical assistance from IIT, Chennai, validating design and new prototype development

Sophisticated Machinery

Our plants are equipped with CNC machines for high production rates and repeatability. Finning requirements for heat exchangers are met by world class finning machines

Mature Product

All heat exchangers supplied by us are the qualitative result of our advanced design data and field experience of over 30 years in the field of Heat Transfer

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