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About Enginemates

We at Enginemates Heat Transfer , have been providing comprehensive and customized heat transfer solution for design and manufacture of Air Cooled Coolers specific to customer requirements and satisfaction for over 3 decades.

We manufacture a large variety of air cooled coolers to cool different mediums like Oil, Water, Air, Gas and Hydrocarbons. The heat exchanger manufactured by us are of different sizes and using variety of materials like copper, steel, brass and aluminum. All these air cooled coolers are custom designed as per customer specification for heat transfer and size.

We have been manufacturing air cooled coolers for over 3 decades now. We have 5 manufacturing plants in India ; 2 in Mumbai, 2 in Pondicherry and 1 in Dharward , Karnataka.


“Customer satisfaction is the key to our progress and this will continue unchanged.”

Over a period of time customers expectation have increased and changed and we always are trying to meet such expectations. Our desire to understand the ever evolving and changing customer requirement, led us naturally to have more diversification. Today we have manufacturing plants in five different locations and each plant is specialising different type of heat exchangers. Our products are for a diverse applications and the range, covering Oil & Gas Sector, power generation equipment, railways , earth moving equipment , Off highway applications and Air Compressors. We are grateful to our customers for choosing us and we look forward to the future with great optimism.
- K A Menon



Dombivli Plant


Fine Automotive & Industrial Radiator


Ambernath Plant


Dharwad Plant


United Industries Enterprises

Complete Product Range

  • Engine Cooling Systems
  • Aluminium Brazed Coolers
  • Radiator Assemblies
  • High Integrity Radiators 1000-3000 KVA+
  • Change Air Coolers
  • Oil Coolers
  • Inter Coolers
  • Fuel Coolers
  • Air Fin Coolers
  • Gas Compressor Coolers
  • Accoustic Enclosures
  • Fuel Tanks and Hydraulic Tanks

Our Achievements


Air Fin coolers

Installations of Air Fin coolers

Tube bundle supplied

Executed highest ever pressure for air fin cooler for Bharat Oman Refinery @265 bar

Double plug header tube bundle supplied


Modular tube bundle supplied

Supplied tube bundle with special metallurgy like Duplex, Alloy 625 & Alloy 825