Oil & Gas Industries

Heat Exchangers specially designed for the Oil and Gas Industry

Oil and natural gas plays an important part in the global economy as the world’s primary fuel sources. Oil and Gas are major industries in the energy market as it is one of the most essential requirements for manufacturing many other products.

Water shortage and increasing costs, along with the recent concerns about water pollution and cooling tower plumes, have greatly reduced industry’s use of water cooled heat exchangers. As a direct result a large proportion of the process cooling in Refineries ,Chemical plants and Power plants takes place in Air Cooled Heat Exchangers (ACHE). These are also called Air Fin Coolers (AFC) or Fin Fan Coolers (FFC) in the Refinery sector and as Air Cooled Condenser in the Power sector.

The design of ACHE is more complex than for a Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger, as there are many more components and variables.

Air fin coolers/ Fin fan coolers are mainly finned tube heat exchangers, in which the process fluid is flowing inside the tubes and the ambient air through fins acts as cooling medium. The main application is to Cooling or condensing of hydrocarbon fluid in the Petroleum, etrochemical and Natural gas industry.

We provide comprehensive heat transfer solutions for oil and gas industry, which includes following sectors :

  • Petroleum refineries
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Gas Booster stations

Our Products Range

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger
Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Air Cooled Heat Exchangers are also known as Fin Fan Coolers or Air Fin Coolers, widely used in refineries, petrochemical, chemical and... Read More

Air Heater
Air Heater

Ambient air heaters / vaporisers are mainly used at LNG / LPG terminals for heating up tube side process by surrounding ambient air.... Read More

F-Type Gas Cooler
F-Type Gas Cooler

These are specially designed for heavy duty engine driven compressor coolers, these exchangers will have more services to be cooled... Read More

Compressor Cooler
Compressor Cooler

These Air coolers will have vertical fans with vertical fan arrangement. These can be motors as well engine driven; the vertical... Read More

Oil Cooler
Oil Cooler

We have developed very compact oil coolers for viscous machine cooling applications; our speciality is that our oil coolers are... Read More

Lube Oil Console
Lube Oil Console

These consoles are required for gas compressors; this package will have oil as well as water air coolers.


We offered Hi-Tech louvers for fin fan coolers for provide winterizations; Louvers are additional accessories to maintain air coolers... Read More

Our Achievements

Air Fin coolers

Installations of Air Fin coolers

Tube bundle

Executed highest ever pressure for air fin cooler for Bharat Oman Refinery @265 bar

Double plug header
tube bundle supplied
Modular tube
bundle supplied

Supplied tube bundle with special metallurgy like Duplex, Alloy 625 & Alloy 825